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Restoring The Record Holder Miss US 1

By the turn of the new century, after a long and illustrious racing career and years of display duty. George Simon's Miss U.S. 1 world record holding Unlimited hydroplane was ready for a facelift (see photos below).

Danny Foster, the racing legend and two-time Gold Cup winner, answered the call from Penny Simon. George's widow, and the Simon family and took on the renovation effort in 2003.

The original restoration budget for the Miss US. was $5,000, with a three-month completion time frame. Upon closer inspection. Foster found that the years had not been kind to the "red rocket". She needed a new bottom and new sponsors if she was ever going to be seaworthy again.

Foster and his volunteer crew flipped the boat over and began the task of replacing the bottom and resurfacing the sponsors. The renovation was completed and the boat was moved to the U.S. Equipment/Cell Con Companies facility in Detroit for finishing.

Besides the hull, a working 12-cylinder Rolls-Merlin engine had to be found. Foster secured one from a dealer in Florida but, upon inspec¬tion a bent piston rod was discovered - the first major setback. Unexpected help was on its way from Jack Roush Aviation in Farmington Hills. Michigan.

Roush needed the exact model type of Foster's Rolls engine for one of his air racing customers, and was willing to trade a freshly reworked Rolls for it. Now, each time the restored Miss U.S. 1 hits the water, she'll have the advantage of Roush Aviation technologies on board.
As with any worthwhile venture today, what began as a $5,000, 3-month project developed into a 4-year. $100,000 labor of love.

U-2 restoration crew Danny Foster - team manager Tenon Artrip (Mr. T), Dave Bartush, Doug Bloom, Todd Buckingham, John Cusmano, Steve Garey, Jim Grams, Jim Igrison, George Mackey, Steve Manse, Tim Reis, Russ Schulte. Nancy Spanich, Ray Taylor, and Tony Taylor.

In need of a facelift, 1990's

2003: old bottom and sponsors removed

Tim Reis performs woodworking magic

New aluminum bottom glistens

Prepping for new paint

George Simon, Jr. visits Rolls engine
built up at Roush Aviation, Farmington Mills, Ml

Danny Foster and the "new" Roush Rolls



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